Sunday, May 13, 2007

Welcome to the Future, Take your Time

This blog was created to give me a blogger identity so I could comment on another blog. A seemingly needless bother; but then, a dubious motivation. Blogocircular but not fully blogospherical.

I've often imagined blogging as a cautious extropian. In extropian terms, not necessarily wanting to hasten the singularity counts as cautious.


sevensixfive said...

Hey, you should post some stuff, futurenerd, your writing is sharp.

FutureNerd said...

Looking at "blogocircular" and "blogospherical," the possibilities of the prefix "blogo" struck me. Well, one possibility in particular: "blogosity." One should always check puns through Google:

blogosity: 4,040 hits.
blogosity meter: 0 hits.
blogus: 734,000 hits, but a lot of them seem to be as a Latin noun rather than an adjective.
blogovation: 1,450 hits, but the first one is a definition at Urban Dictionary.
blogovational: 0 hits.
blogovative: 1 hit.
blogocircular: 3 hits including this page.
blogospherical: 13,900 hits.