Thursday, May 15, 2008

Kevin Kelly's Technium

From Kevin Kelly's introduction to the book in progress he's blogging on his site The Technium:
For the past year and a half I have been studying the history of technology, the arguments of technology's critics, projections of its future, and the tiny bit of technic philosophy that has been written, all with the aim to answer a simple question: How should I think about new technology when it comes along?

Kelly was editor of The Whole Earth Review and then Wired, and wrote the Bible-chapter-level Out of Control. He reviews Cool Tools at his site.


Fred Hapgood said...

It is of course always possible that there is no one way to think about "new technology" as a class.

FutureNerd said...

I could say, "That's the way I like to see people think about new technology, Fred!!"

To be fair, Mr. Kelly said, "How should I think," not, "What's the one way to think." There can be ways he should think, without necessarily a resolution between the shoulds.

In my intro, I had a phrase to the effect that "The Future" only includes stuff you can think about, heh.